There are sections of our blog that cover any country we have visited before or during the creation of Tales of a Tuk Tuk, we discuss any country in the world we have visited and are able to review or give advice for fellow travellers.

For example, Amy spent a lot of time in the South of France whilst growing up and so has exceptional knowledge of the provencal area, she can advise things to see, do, where to eat etc. This knowledge seems to good to waste and so we wanted to create posts purely based on our experience of different countries for travellers to gain more of a personal isight into these places.

It is not charitable in any sort of way and will act as a separate entity to that of Tales of a Tuk Tuk but we really hope you enjoy the accounts of our experiences in places all over the world that may inspire your wanderlust.

The title of each post in this section will be headed with “wanderlust” so you can tell which posts are Tales of a Tuk Tuk and which are advice and experience articles. They will all appear under the category of “just for fun” if you would like to search for these posts specifically.

Thank you 🙂

Love Sherard and Amy xx


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