Special Jewellery by Special Girls

This post is about the beautiful products girls at Volunteer Village create, there are three girls living at Volunteer Village, they have no family and no support and so Carla Browne pays the girls a salary and gives them home as they have nowhere else to go.

About the Girls



Dilani is a beautiful woman, you have never met a sweeter lady, very innocent and naive but with a huge heart. She has been disowned by her family and is currently fighting for custody of her daughter but until she has her own house she is unable for her daughter to visit. She speaks broken english and loves to learn, she is currently taking a beginner course in book keeping funded by Carla to give her skills she can always use. She loves to swim but is unable to go very often because of her disability, she has a twisted pelvis leaving her with one leg dramatically shorter than the other. She wears one platform shoe to help with walking but still struggles with a severe limp, she also has an underdeveloped arm that makes everyday activity more difficult. She has been here for 2 months and is the main point of contact, she has already picked up sign language to communicate with our deaf girl Nirosha enabling communication to volunteers and Singhalese people. _MG_0575 11074254_910325222352487_1030163518_n Nirosha

Full of life! That is the best way to describe this vivacious girl, she is deaf but is clearly a chatterbox, she can get quite angry or annoyed as she has so much to say but only a select few understand her. We have been learning sign and you can see the joy on her face when you’re trying to speak. She loves to make things and is an extremely skilled seamstress and is able to make any garment you wish. SAM_0074 Udene

Ude is a very special woman, she is the most disabled of the girls, her arms are backwards with her elbows facing inwards, she can barely walk and is unable to bend her legs making walking very difficult and going down steps meaning 90% of her time she has to sit. Even with her disability she is a beacon of joy, always smiling and is an amazing knitter and artisan.
_MG_1815SAM_0039 The Products

Every Item the girls make is completely hand-mad – most of the beads they use, they make themselves from magazines and newspaper. Each takes a lot of time and skill – the quality is exceptional. We are selling the products this Sunday in Galle Fort for any tourists and locals interested.

Porcupine Bracelet
_MG_1692_MG_1697SAM_0044 SAM_0045 SAM_0046 SAM_0048 SAM_0049 Pendant Magazine Necklace 

_MG_1698 _MG_1715 SAM_0066 SAM_0053 SAM_0055 SAM_0056 SAM_0066 _MG_1718

Woven window bracelet

_MG_1761 _MG_1748 _MG_1758 IMG_1750 _MG_1748

Plait cord necklace

_MG_1738 _MG_1737 _MG_1724 _MG_1727

Beaded bracelets

_MG_1746 _MG_1745 SAM_0074




The clutch bags are made from magazines, folded and weaved. The tote bags are made from newspaper that is varnished to protect from light showers.

_MG_1763 _MG_1767 _MG_1762 _MG_1769 _MG_1770 _MG_1771 _MG_1773 _MG_1775 _MG_1779 _MG_1781 _MG_1782 _MG_1785


SAM_0095 SAM_0097 SAM_0102 SAM_0101 SAM_0103 SAM_0104 SAM_0105 SAM_0106 SAM_0108 SAM_0110

Hand Batiking

SAM_0092 SAM_0091 SAM_0076

These are just a few of the products these girls are making on a daily basis. Please let us know if anyone in England is interested in any of the products as we are returning to England for 2 weeks April 24th and are taking orders now!!

Don’t forget to stay in touch with everything we are doing by liking our Facebook page, and Instagram account 🙂

Thank you for reading!!


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