Tuk Tuk For Talpe

Hello there,

Sorry for our recent silence, Tuk life can be especially manic! Lots is happening here in Sri Lanka and with the recent murder of the Mayor of Hikkaduwa, things have been all over the place.

This post is about the work we are doing for Talpe pre-school, Volunteer Village has the only free pre-school in the whole of the Southern district of Sri Lanka, usually even the poorest families have to pay if they want there baby to get a standard education. Carla started the pre-school with 12 students and the class has now grown to 45 with 15 more students joining in April, the pre-school at VV is beautiful but simply not large enough for the demand. Carla has found a new, larger building (originally a tsunami school) where she will be moving the children at the end of April. This building already has a class of about 12 beautiful and smiling children but the building itself is in total disrepair, this is some of the work that needs doing:

  • Exterior breeze block wall – painting and sealing with lime, then painted colourfully to finish


  • Metal grates that form the windows – remove of heavy rusting – there are over 24 panes that need sanding back before we can paint so this is a huge job!


  • The ceiling needs painting colourfully – this is made from asbestos and so needs paint to seal in any particles that could be harmful to pupils or teachers


  • Derelict toilet and sinking foundations – this is a HUGE problem and is extremely dangerous, we are trying to sort this out as soon as possible

_MG_0264 _MG_0263 _MG_0261 _MG_0262 _MG_0259

  • All woodwork needs sanding back and repainting with gloss – this includes all pieces of furniture that may also need fixing before painting can continue
  • Painting of the actual building inside and outside – this can only be done after the windows to minimise dirt and muck


  • Boundary fence needs installing for safety as the school is not far from a train line


  • Outdoor play equipment needs sanding, painting, fixing and sinking into the ground
  • Trees need planting to create shade for the little ones outside – remember most days it is over 30’C and the only shade is inside the building


  • The organisation of a new stock and library room – books are being donated by Q8 Books and there needs to be storage
  • The painting and creation of another classroom in the backroom
  • The sanding down and painting of interior walls – the filling of any holes
  • Revamp Buddha’s shrine – religion is very important to them and so we want to renovate¬†and revamp the shrine area

As you can see this is a massive job we have undertaken and our aim to finish is the end of April, we are calling for any help, day volunteers, to week, to month volunteers, any service you can provide will help make this building a school the children deserve.

We have started work on the far wall – we have stripped all the posters (the teacher had glued them to the actual wall) filled holes and painted – three artists have then come in to paint a mural (pictures to come).

SAM_0146 SAM_0149 SAM_0150

Emily, one of our brilliant volunteers, she is actually charity coordinator for Leeds University.


We have also started the ceiling but ran out of paint and so will continue tomorrow after we have purchased some more colours.

SAM_0202 SAM_0209

We have also iron brushed the breeze block wall (the worst job you can imagine! 10 years of dirt and concrete shooting into your face) and began to coat with lime and cleared the surrounding area of rubble, weeds and glass.

SAM_0104 SAM_0093 SAM_0100

We have organised one of the back rooms, some very weird stuff found.

_MG_0267 _MG_0269 SAM_0221 SAM_0223 SAM_0222

Many more jobs to do but we will continue for the children!

Duck, Duck, Goose – upgrade to Sri Lanka, Guh, Guh, Juice


_MG_0279 _MG_0273 _MG_0268 _MG_0271 _MG_0266 _MG_0281

SAM_0092 SAM_0212 SAM_0215 SAM_0170 SAM_0169 SAM_0174
SAM_0164 SAM_0153 SAM_0161

Thank you for reading our post – we will keep you up to date on all that is happening here! Remember to like our Facebook and Instagram pages – subscribe to our YouTube channel for video updates.

Be so selfless it’s selfish!


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